The Technical Services Group is committed to providing the Satellite Communications market with high quality, professional services in the installation, testing, retrofit, refurbishment and maintenance areas.

Our focus is in four primary areas:

New Installations Existing Installations Service Programs
New Installation and Test Services
We support the following regardless of manufacturer:
  • Installation and testing products
  • Factory trial assembly and alignment support
  • Installation of earth station systems and electrical services
  • Engineering and implementation of site civil works
Existing Installation and Test Services
Technical Services has four areas of concentration for existing installations:
  • Retrofit and upgrade service
  • Refurbishment service
  • Relocation and realignment service
  • Repair and replacement service
Retrofits and Upgrades

Services performed (regardless of manufacturer):
  • Site survey and evaluation
  • Modification of existing product or system to update performance
Refurbishment and Upgrades

Service performed (regardless of manufacturer):
  • Site survey and evaluation
  • Renovation and overhaul to like-new condition of product or system
Replacement and Repairs

Services performed:
  • Depot repair and overhaul
  • Depot stocking of critical spares for specific customers
  • After hours access and rapid deployment

Services performed:
  • Simple re-positioning of limited motion antennas
  • Antenna dismantling, moving and re-establishment
  • Complete teleport relocation planning and implementation
Service Programs
Technical Services offers a full line of maintenance services, including:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remedial maintenance
  • Full service maintenance contracts
Preventive Maintenance
  • Extends life of equipment
  • Increases efficiency/performance of equipment
  • Lowers operating costs by preventing problems before they occur
Remedial Maintenance
  • Returns equipment to higher performance level
  • Extends life of equipment
  • Lowers operating costs by delaying purchase of new/replacement equipment
Worldwide Support

We can support you from the following locations:
  • Europe (England, Germany, Italy)
  • Far East (Philippines)
  • Middle East (Israel)
  • Former Soviet Union (Russia)
  • Eastern Europe (Estonia)
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • India
  • North America
Full Service Maintenance Contracts
  • Ensures equipment is maintained properly and at recommended intervals
  • Lowers operating costs by preventing problems before they occur
  • Regular maintenance extends life of equipment
Our experience and know-how enables us to meet the rapidly changing needs of the satellite communications market and to provide the highest levels of quality and precision while minimizing risk. Our competitive advantage comes from a full service organization, geared for one stop shopping, and experience with virtually any manufacturer's product.

If you require any additional details our our technical services offerings, please contact us.