General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies designs, integrates and installs communications components, antennas and support equipment to create advanced satellite communications systems.

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Earth Station Modernization
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Turnkey Earth Stations
  • Facilities design
  • Civil works
  • Integration of LNAs, Frequency Converters, Test Loop Translators,
  • Baseband & Telemetry Processors
  • Monitor and Control
INTELSAT Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C) Earth Station, Paumalu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA Contact Us Lockheed Martin Intersputnik (LMI) Satellite Control Facility, Dubna, Russia Contact Us
INTELSAT TT&C Earth Station at Clarksburg, Maryland, USA Contact Us      
TT&C Earth Stations and Antenna Systems
  • 5-19 meters
  • S-Band
  • C-Band (including extended C-Band)
  • X-Band
  • Ku-Band (including DBS)
  • Ka-Band
  • LEOP, Transfer Orbit, IOT, TTC-R
USAF High Rate Telemetry Antenna, Jupiter, Florida, USA Contact Us RadarSat Three-Axis Antenna, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Contact Us
Sirius Radio Satellite Control Facility, Quito, Ecuador Contact Us WorldSpace Satellite Control Baseband Equipment Contact Us
KoreaSat 8-Meter
Ka-Band Antenna,
Yong-In, Korea
Contact Us      
Full Motion Antennas
  • 6-35 meters
  • Azimuth/Elevation Pedestals
  • Three Axis Pedestals
  • Wheel-and-Track Pedestals
  • Monopulse Tracking
  • Beam Waveguide Feeds
  • Multi-Band Feeds
  • S-Band
  • C-Band (including Extended C-Band)
  • X-Band
  • Ku-Band (including DBS)
  • Ka-Band
22 Meter High Frequency Full Motion Antenna (Model 2220) Contact Us 16.4 Meter High Wind Full Motion Antenna (Model 2164) Contact Us
Jet Propulsion Laboratory 34-Meter NASA Deep-Space Network Antenna, California, USA Contact Us STGT Beam Waveguide Dual-Band Antennas, White Sands, New Mexico, USA Contact Us
NOAA X-Y Antenna, Wallops Island, Virginia, USA Contact Us Lockheed Martin Launch Support Facility, Uralia, Australia Contact Us
EumetSat 13.2-Meter TT&C and Communications Antennas, Fucino, Italy Contact Us Camp Parks 60-Foot X-and L-Band/UHF Antenna, Pleasanton, California, USA Contact Us
15-Meter S/X-Band Full Motion Monopulse Antenna, Redu, Belgium Contact Us      
Turning Head Antennas
  • Standard Antennas with 9 / 11 / 13 / 16 / 18m Reflectors
  • Nearly all frequency bands up to Ka-Band
  • Step Track (OPT), Autotrack including Monopulse Tracking
  • Rotation Ranges: AZ min 270 deg., EL 0 - 90 deg.
  • Velocities up to 2 deg./s
18-Meter Multi-Band Receive-Only Antenna Contact Us