Radio Telescopes
20 Meter Radio Telescope (Model 3200) Contact Us
25 Meter Radio Telescope (Model 3250): Very Large Baseline Array (VLBA) Contact Us
ALMA 12 Meter Prototype Antenna Contact Us
APEX 12 Meter Submillimeter Radio Telescope, Atacama Desert, Chile Contact Us
35 Meter Deep Space Antenna for frequencies up to 40 GHz Contact Us
10 Meter Radio Telescope Contact Us
30 Meter Radio Telescope Contact Us
3 Meter Radio Telescope Contact Us
Green Bank Telescope: Steel Fabrication and Controls Contact Us
Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerche (CNR) 32-Meter VLBI Radio Telescope, Bologna, Italy Contact Us
University of California, 7-Meter Radio Telescopes, Hat Creek, California, USA Contact Us
Italian Space Agency, 64-Meter SRT Radio Telescope (currently in design) Contact Us

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies produces scientific products such as optical telescopes, large radio telescopes, radar antennas and precision pointing structures for a variety of applications.