Whether your requirements are for an entire turnkey TV/radio broadcast system or a simple TV receive-only (TVRO) antenna, General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' can offer high-performance, cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements by supplying:

  • Broadcast TV and Radio Transmitters
  • Broadcast Antennas and Towers
  • Television/Radio Studio Equipment
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Vans
  • Transportable Earth Stations
  • Backup Power Systems
Satellite Distribution Networks

Satellite systems are ideally suited for television and radio distribution, providing high-quality, high-reliability, low-maintenance, flexible alternatives to terrestrial systems. Unlike terrestrial microwave systems, there are no towers or repeaters to maintain, no radio fades to degrade performance, no extensive troubleshooting to diagnose problems and far less land to lease. Your capital investment for a satellite network is also much lower, especially in areas with difficult terrain. Receive stations can be deployed in a fraction of the time it would take to install a terrestrial system.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies can furnish either analog or digital systems, digital systems are becoming increasingly popular. With the advent of digital modulation and compression techniques, crystal clarity can be achieved with both video and audio, while at the same time minimizing transmission costs and ensuring the privacy of your network. The signals you receive are virtually identical to those generated at the studio. With newer-generation satellites, occupied satellite bandwidths can be as little as 9 MHz for a TV signal and its associated (stereo) audio channels. Stereo radio signals can be multiplexed with the TV signal or transmitted on separate narrowband digital carriers. Only stations designated by your control center will be able to decode your transmissions, thus ensuring privacy.

Solid-state transmitter equipment is rapidly becoming the standard for new installations. Although initially more expensive, solid-state equipment enjoys the advantage of reduced maintenance costs for the life of the equipment. General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies has provided both kinds of systems to a number of different customers, and can tailor a system to meet your specific needs. All of our transmitters are designed to meet the standards and specifications applicable to your location. We can supply and install transmitters for:
  • FM
  • MMDS
  • Solid-State/Tube Versions
  • Full Power Output Ranges
Should your installation require multiple transmitters, we can provide custom-designed signal combiners (diplexers/triplexers) that permit multiple transmitters to share one antenna and transmission line.

Signal coverage will be largely determined by the design of your antenna and tower system. The antenna system patterns will determine which areas receive signal, and the gain of the antenna, along with the transmitter size, will determine how much signal is received. General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies can work with your system planners to:
  • Identify coverage requirements
  • Determine tower location and heights
  • Design/tailor antenna patterns to your needs
  • Predict system performance
  • Test/verify system performance

Our antenna systems are designed to accommodate the specific requirements of each site, and are manufactured to provide many years of reliable service. We can provide a broad range of antenna systems, including:
  • Television/FM/MMDS
  • Single/Multi-Frequency Antennas
  • High/Low Gain (Multi-bay)
  • Linear/Horizontal/Circular Polarization
  • Omnidirectional, Directional
  • Beam Tilt
We provide the most economical tower to fill the need, depending on the location and land area available. While our most cost-effective tower is 80 percent guyed, we can also provide towers with 35 percent guying, or even self-supporting towers where space is limited. All of our tower systems are:
  • Designed for your specific wind conditions
  • Designed for specific antenna loads
  • Equipped with a photoelectrically activated lighting system
  • Built with hot-dipped galvanized components
  • Equipped with safety ladders
  • Coated with fungus-resistant obstruction paint.