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The products Ready-to-Go (RTG) program is in response to feedback from our customers and guarantees delivery of 30 days after acceptance of an order for a wide range of our standard products.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies designs, produces, and installs a full line of antennas for mobile satellite communications and fixed communication gateways. Frequency ranges for certain of these products include L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of state-of-the-art electronic products for satellite communication operators worldwide.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies produces state-of-the-art satellite antenna control units, power drive units, tracking down converters and receivers and monitor and control systems.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specializes in producing the highest quality microwave components for microwave industry applications.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies' On-the-MoveTM technology offers robust voice and data wideband satellite communications from vehicles in motion over rugged terrain. X, Ku and Ka-band modular, interchangeable payloads are available.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies offer expertise in the emerging Ka-band applications. Our highly trained engineering team has experience with Ka-band products ranging from antennas, both large and small aperture, to feeds, filters, drive systems and highly sophisticated RF electronics.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ 2400 and 2800 Series Rackmount Cases provide exceptional equipment protection with the added utility of slide-mounted 19-inch racks.

Freedom Communication Technologies, Inc. has acquired the Communications Test Equipment product line.