SATCOM Technologies serves military markets, both U.S. and foreign, with a broad line of military products.

Our military products are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and the stresses of a military environment. Durable, yet lightweight, they can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled in the field by a trained crew of a few persons with tools carried with the equipment. The disassembled antennas are stored either self-contained in their own trailers or in transport containers forming an integral part of the system. The disassembled antennas can then be moved by helicopter, other aircraft or by truck.

Because of these features, SATCOM Technologies' military antenna products are particularly well-suited for the military's rapid deployment needs, and are used for emergency communications restoral; for major command centers, mobile command posts, and relay links in widely dispersed, rapidly moving tactical forces; for border monitoring, sweep surveillance and intrusion detection; and for missile launching and tracking communications.

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